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and I always felt it before

that the world was filled with much more

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Name:The Angelus | Dani Baptiste

The Angelus
Long ago, God said, "Let there be light." And so the Angelus was born. Created to balance the Darkness, the Angelus has been at constant war with its polar opposite since the dawn of time. Eventually, a brief truce was found in which the Angelus and the Darkness coupled to form the Witchblade, the balance between these two great forces. Their offspring landed on Earth and was taken up by a young woman to wield in battle. Since then, the Witchblade has passed on from generation to generation. Danielle Baptiste received the Witchblade from Sara Pezzini and when the latter sought it back, the Angelus claimed Dani for her own. Allowed to keep her memories and free will, Dani now strives to lead a host of caste warriors and set things right in the universe, as the Angelus warriors have gone too long with a tyrannical ruler.

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